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Key learnings on narrative building and story telling

April 2nd 2019

Diversity is Tasty!
Someone should do something - YOU are someone!
Everyone deserves love!
Hate is easy. Try harder!
One under the sun!
As champions of equality and defenders of the right to equal treatment, equality bodies are well positioned to tell such stories, based on common values such as respect, equality and justice, to inspire positive change.

On 11-12 March, a training on narrative building and story telling was given by Brian Fitzgerald from Dancing Fox, to give communication experts from equality bodies across Europe the tools they need to be able to tell interesting stories that will inspire positive change across our societies.

Participants from across Europe were brought on a journey of creativity, to:

  • identify the values they and their organisations hold dear,
  • understand the stories that we need to debunk as they hold back our vision of a more equitable world, and
  • learn how to motivate people to take action on equality and non-discrimination.

We learned about a number of story telling tools, such as using the story of self - story of us - story of now to tell personal stories that unite the heart, head and hands of people. We developed story maps to help us better understand our organisational story. We got 15 useful tips on how to be a better story teller, as well as 10 steps to preach beyond the choir. Hope-based communication, where we move from a problem to a solution were also practiced.

A summary of the key messages and main learnings is available here:


The complete presentation (with coffee breaks and all) is available here.

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