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The High Commission for Migration – ACM (previously the High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue) - is the Portuguese public institution responsible for the managements of migration flows, namely throughout assuring the integration of immigrants and promoting the return of Portuguese emigrants. Because Portugal approaches migration and integration policies in a whole-of-government approach and in a holistic perspective, ACM – as the public institution integrated in the (...)
This institution aims to ensure the implementation of public policies in the field of citizenship and the promotion of equality between women and men, in particular by undertaking actions to increase civic awareness regarding the identification of situations of discrimination and of forms to eliminate them.
The Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE) is the Portuguese Gender Equality national body that deals with gender equality and non-discrimination in the labour market. CITE is a tripartite and equilateral body. CITE’s mission is to pursue: • Equality and non-discrimination between women and men in labour, in employment and vocational training; • Protection of parentality (maternity, paternity and adoption); • Reconciliation of professional, personal and family (...)