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The Hungarian Equal Treatment Authority is an autonomous administrative body which safeguards the values embraced by the so called equality directives. The Act CXXV of 2003 on Equal Treatment and Promotion of Equal Opportunities (the general Hungarian anti-discrimination act; hereinafter the Ebktv., following the Hungarian abbreviation) came into force on 27 January 2004. The Hungarian Equal Treatment Authority (hereinafter: the Authority) has been working since 1 February 2005. According (...)
The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights is an ombudsman-type institution responsible for the protection of fundamental rights in Hungary, covering the whole spectrum of fundamental rights. It can proceed upon complaint or ex officio in the case of human rights infringements, and generally, it has soft powers to remedy violations. The recommendations of ombudsmen have an impact not only on the individual case: they often interpret human rights clauses of the Constitution in a complex way (...)